Day 40:

We went to a tree lighting ceremony tonight for the city we live in. It was beautiful, had a very small town feel. They had children’s choirs singing Christmas carols, yummy food, a snow field for kids to play in,  free hot chocolate and coffee, and of course, Santa showed up. I finally felt a little bit at home. One disturbing occurrence however, we were eating and this little girl approached Stephanie and asked her if she knew where she supposed to go. Stephanie leaned down and talked to the girl and told me she would be right back. When she got back she explained. The girl’s parents just sent her up to the stage from probably a few hundred yards away. She was signing in one of the choirs. When asked, “where are your parents?” She said,” They didn’t want to come up here.” Keep in mind, there were probably a couple thousand people at the event. Here’s the kicker, she was a third grader and had to ask a stranger to help her find the way. Parents piss me off sometimes.

So from time to time I watch the food network and one of my favorite shows is, Chopped. I watched a great episode tonight. It featured school cafeteria cooks. It was really good but I heard some disturbing statistics. They said that there are 1/3 of school children in the United States that don’t get enough to eat. They also mentioned that about 1/3 of school children are now or approaching obesity. That is way too many kids not getting correct nutrition. Couple that with our public school system nightmare and we really have a crisis here. I believe that with all the shit going on in our country right now, kids are getting lost in the fold.

I always hear parents say, “there’s no instruction manual…” Well, there are plenty of books that would help. I believe that education reform should be the priority of this country and that includes nutrition and health. I recently heard a man (far right-wing((but that shouldn’t matter))) say that this reform is not a priority at this time. I thought to myself, “this guy’s is about 65 years old. He will probably live another 20 years or so and then who will be running the country? The kids in the broken education system shoving shit in their mouths or starving because school lunches are inadequate… That makes sense a whole hell of  a lot of sense.” Tune in and watch this upcoming election and the shit stream that comes from it and ask yourself what’s important. They wonder why young people don’t vote. It’s because the leadership doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them.