Day 39:

Yesterday, at work, I started feeling kind of funny. All the sudden I couldn’t focus, I was sweaty, little headache, just felt weird. By the time I got home I was absolutely delirious. I had a fever and stomach ache. I tried to eat soup, vomit. I tried to eat toast, vomit. I drank water, vomit. The frustrating thing is that Stephanie was also sick and couldn’t take care of me, boo hoo. I ended up awake for most of the night so I slept on the couch. I awoke a few hours later and it felt like it never happened, strange. I felt fine. As the day went on, today, I begin to wear down pretty quickly. I guess I have some kind of flu or something. Sucks. Just a little roadblock in my quest. It seems like constant hurdles and walls are tossed my direction. I know I’m not the only one.  We  just have to keep jumping and breaking and moving forward. No work out today, a few balls were struck at work. I worked on a couple fundamental things in my swing, mainly my grip. Your grip is the most important piece of your swing. Now I must work on the basic fundamental of life, health. Good Night.