Day 38:

Hello everybody! I truly do hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I know this cannot always be the case. Dramatic family holidays crack me up. We’ve never been that way. Usually our holidays consist of quiet meals and funny stories. This one was no different, ate and drank ourselves into sweet dreamland comas pretty much everyday. My brother has two kids, 3 and 6, so I played with them everyday until I was completely beaten apart. The youngest, Savvy, told me,” We never run out of energy Uncle Bill!!!” I believe her.

Back to work, it is so easy to have a holiday hangover and forget why your working. Seems to me, I do it every year. I get into a nice groove with work and gym and golf, and the holidays hit and I get sugar induced amnesia. I usually gain every pound I lost back, and lose motivation.

We (Cool Clubs Staff) played Menlo Country Club yesterday and I’m so glad I did. I really felt like staying home and couching all day. I peeled myself from our comfy blankets and hot chocolate and went. I hit the first teeshot about 50 yards right of my target and had to punch out to about 125 yards. I proceeded to throw a dart to about 6 feet and convert the par putt. I won’t bore you with all the round details but a couple of shots stood out. On a par 3 I hit my teeshot into a bunker. With no green to work with and on a down slope I took dead aim and told myself you have to hit the pin to stop the ball, boom, flagstick rattled and ball dropped in for a 2. On the next par 3 I missed the green on the short side again but this time only about 25 or 30 feet from the hole and a good lie, pulled the flag and lipped out the chip. Coming in on about hole #16 I laid up off the tee with a 4 iron, right under a tree. 115 yards, over a bunker to a tucked pin and I have to start the ball 5 feet off the ground for the first 10 paces. I placed a 7 iron back in my stance and hit a “trap cut shot,” just carried the bunker and had about 20 feet for birdie. I hit a number of great shots during this round even though my score didn’t reflect so. The most difficult shots in the game of golf I pull off, better than most tour pros. I stand by that statement and if you’ve played more than one round with me you’ve seen. My problem and it has always been so, is the driver. I do every other part of the game like a pga tour professional and drive it like a 18 handicap. My score goes as the driver goes. So I’m dedicating time to hitting teeshots better and back in the gym tonight. This one round of golf might be the one that turns the nobs and gets me going. We shall see.