Day 25:

There has been a lot of attention on coaching in college and professional ranks these last couple days. Good and terrible reasons for media coverage. The Penn State situation is sickening, I’m sure you’ve all had enough so I’m not even going to make comment. Everyone has opinion but not “everyone” should be heard from. Instead, I want to focus on the good. Two of my favorite coaches were honored this week.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski  of the Duke Blue Devils got his 903rd win to over take Bob Knight as the all time winningest division 1 basketball coach. It was pretty cool to watch as Coach Knight was in attendance and actually did the commentary with Espn. Bobby Knight recruited Mike out of high school and got him to come be his point guard at West Point. Coach K said, ” I’ve only ever called one man coach…” That’s a rare situation, I think. I respect both men for completely different reasons, great coaches.

Kirk Gibson, of the Arizona Diamondbacks, was named the National League Manager of the Year. He, along with his great coaching staff, took the D-backs from the third to worst team in MLB last year to making the playoffs this year. Gibby is a great motivator and doesn’t accept your second best. I love his “no-nonsense” approach to the game. The best players will play. As a player, no one worked harder and play with as much passion as Kirk Gibson. He, in turn, learned his coaching craft from another great, Sparky Anderson.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I couldn’t wait to play football the next year. I would be taking over the starting quarterback situation and would be playing for a great coach. Mike Laue came to us when I was a freshman. He was an awesome motivator and very creative play caller. Early that summer I engrossed myself in the playbook and went to two great football camps where I learned technique from college coaches. Upon returning from my second camp, I learned that Coach Laue would be moving on. He got a job elsewhere, I felt defeated, already. Robbed of what I needed, a great coach and man to put me under his wing, to help me be confident. To this day, I’ve never met a coach like Mike. He was only there for 2 years and made such a huge impact on us, we had him come and speak at our class of ’96 Graduation. I remember more from that man than any other leader I’ve ever had, even if it were a short time.

I’ll write about the bad coaching I’ve received some other day. Let’s keep this positive.  Coaches are important people in our community. They teach our kids how to be leaders. If you know a great coach go shake their hand and say “thank you.” Their work can shape a young person’s demeanor and set them up for a great life to come.

I’ve been working pretty hard recently. Had a great run last night and played 9 holes of golf yesterday. I made of bunch of good swings and ended up making 9 fours. An even par 9-hole, not bad, but a ton of room for improvement as I go forward. Made a tee time at Harding Park on Monday, should be awesome. Maybe I’ll take some pictures this time.