Day 24:

I wasn’t going to write today but I feel compelled to share. I got up this morning and wanted to work hard but as I sat on the couch it set in. After an hour or so I developed a little ambition and decided to go for a run. I laced up my shoes and jogged out the door. I could tell right away this was going to be a challenge. I had only drank coffee this morning, no water or breakfast. About a quarter-mile down the road it was already happening. The lactic acid was building in my legs. My shins burned and calves ached, “common man!!” I shouted in my head. I pushed on and then my lungs were at capacity, “really…?” My heart pumped hard, I was aware of every atom of my being, pain was the featured item on the menu. I pushed, only slowing to ease my lungs and heart and getting through the lower leg pain. It was obvious I hadn’t done anything in a few days and was dehydrated. The attention I was giving my body had led me somewhere, farther than I’ve run in the 24 days. I was trying so hard not to pass out or throw up I had gone far. My mind was off the road and distance. Upon realizing this I found it easy to control my breath, my heart, my pain. I ran in without agony but with a little pride. I didn’t quit on myself, a minor victory.

The laziness that I had felt this morning was now gone. With new vigor this day I went to practice. I went to a small muni golf course, San Ramon Golf Club. Range balls are cheap so I got a large bucket and put my swing to work. I focused on pre-shot routine as the balls weren’t that good of quality but I wasn’t going to let this go to waste. A good, repeatable pre-shot is important for consistent scoring. Something that can give you comfort and familiarity in tough situations. I got lost in the process this morning, it felt amazing.Three and a half hours for only 100 balls, process.

Spent an hour or so in the grocery store with a specific budget. I hit it almost to the dollar. Good food and fuel is important when you are burning a lot of calories and energy during these days.

Home with groceries put away, I decided for workout number 2 of the day. I went down to the gym and lifted a little. Light weights with a ton of repetitions was on the docket, a great workout.

Secret: before all of this, this morning I electrocuted myself. I plugged in my hair clippers in the wall socket to give my head a little trim and nothing. I noticed the reset button out and pushed it in. The clippers were touching my right rib-cage area, a violent pop with bright spark happened. I got the giant tingle through to my spine, saw spots for a second and it left a hairless circle with a nice little burn mark. I dropped the clippers and waited for a second. “Holy Shit!” I don’t think it could have killed me but it motivated me. Probably nothing but I took it as a sign to take no day for granted.

A great day!