Day 20:

Inspiration and motivation or I should say the lack of have been roadblocks in my life. Usually when I start an endeavour, whether it be fitness, spiritual, educational or professional  at about day 20 I hit an emotional wall, having gone much further before but 20 works best with this story (this is day 20).  I’ve walked through enough walls in my career but I usually just reroute myself and go the other direction. It’s usually one of Sloth, lazy. It is so damn easy to quit. Am I a quitter? A question I have asked myself so many times I run out of fingers and toes. I have tried many different feats and journeys  but I always run into that wall of difficulty. You could argue that at least I have tried and not been afraid to try. However, my negative attitude, for the majority of my life, has always led me to believe, “I am a quitter.” Ouch, that hurts just typing it. But, in life and this great country, we are afforded these experiences and given many chances to succeed. So I press forward and my goals are getting bigger as I get stronger. I asked today for some inspiration and got nothing… Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong direction.

If you’ve never seen DJ’s story, watch this video. Then try to quit. I’m off to the gym, forward.