Day 18:

Just a bunch of random thoughts from the last couple days.

I don’t see the sport in hunting season anymore. I respect bow-hunters a little more because they can’t be pin-point from 1000 yards away. Maybe a knife clenched in between your teeth with a loin cloth on waiting for that dear to pass, leaping from a tree and taking its life with your bare hands would be more interesting. Not going to make any friends with this one, just something I think about.

I sometimes think the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be rewritten. Hasn’t our life changed a little bit since the days of our founding “slave-owning”  fathers. Not completely changed but some serious amendments.

Am I the only one  tired of Nancy Grace?

Peaceful protest does nothing. Violence seems to be the only way change is made. It’s fact and History folks.

If you are one of these people who think life is suddenly going to change when President Obama is out of the White House, you are a moron.

I am so tired of racism and all its forms. I once had a guy that I worked with for 3 years give me a sleeve of Nike Golf balls and say, ” here you have these, I don’t play that Nigger’s balls…” That was 2003ish. Isn’t time this attitude and people go to their final resting spots. Upon moving to Nor Cal I had plenty of people mention the fact that I was going to “live with the fags,” “move in with the dick suckers,” and other stuff that just makes me fucking sick. Needless to say I am pretty liberal but also human. What qualifies anymore?

All the random complaints aside, I love this country. I enjoy the fact that you are allowed to have an opinion. I just wish that people would respect that and be ok with it. Tolerance? It makes us great and different from every other country in the world. Your ideals can be different and you don’t always die for it. I tried, while I was home, to have a conversation about politics and religion with someone and when it was my turn I was met with, “nope, your wrong…that’s stupid…” Amazing, this is why great young minds don’t enter politics. Close mindedness needs to die with the racists, 2 with one stone, efficient.

I love football but am sick of commercials. Same reason I have problems with Christmas, commercialism. Football and Family holidays ruined by capitalism?

I have problems with analysts and fans that “hate” Tim Tebow. Here’s a guy that has done absolutely nothing wrong. He genuinely seems like a nice kid. I don’t relate to his politics or his religion but that doesn’t matter. He never says bad things, even when his teammates let him down or he plays awful. He just acknowledges his mistakes, says he will work harder and keeps moving forward.  I have a new theory about the haters. Jealously. Tim doesn’t have the greatest skill set, not even for a high school or college quarterback. I know for a fact I have better technique. But I bet you he has worked just as hard if not way harder than anyone in the NFL. The odds of a college football player making it to the NFL aren’t good. He’s there and you’re not. Seems pretty awesome to me. This is “why” I love our country. You can make your dreams come true with tenacity and belief. Work your ass off and enjoy what you do!! Keep going Timmy!!

Playing golf tomorrow morning, I’ll let you know how it goes.