DAY 17:

I was watching a major championship one time and the winner broke down and cried after holing his last putt. I was asked, “why is he crying? What’s with the emotion? I would be jumping for joy.” Well, I’m sure the jumping does ensue at some point but as for the crying there is a reason. Winning a major championship is a  culmination of years and sometimes a lifetime of work and dedication. You have to be great, lucky and have amazing timing to accomplish such feats. There are four majors a year, that’s it.

Championship golf, as a sport,(I think) is the closest you can get to a martial art. Forget the weekend 18 holes of beverage cart chasing you do, this is not your grandparents  game. You have to be in control of every aspect of your world. Your body must be strong, major golf courses are  growing, getting longer to combat new equipment and more athletic players. Your diet has to be good to ensure peak performance for the entire week. Your mind has to be calm, good decision-making is crucial when it comes down the wire. The nervous system must be in control. If you’ve ever been rock climbing and gotten “typewriter” leg, you understand nervousness, now imagine controlling those nerves in order to accomplish a life long improbable  goal. Now imagine thousands of people with their eyes on you and being completely silent, the loudest noise in the world. Fear is the enemy but also breads excitement. With all of these variables, focus  such as masters of martial arts use,(to win) is inevitable.

Take a golf ball and place all of your energy, life experiences, emotions, work, time and effort inside. Now try to balance on a tight rope in between two of the tallest buildings in the world with said ball spinning on your finger. Take four days to walk to the other side, don’t drop the ball and keep it spinning. Major championship golf. You bet, I would cry after I won too.

It’s 17 days of this blog. I don’t have any tournament golf planned thus far, but I prepare as if I do. This blog is sometimes very random, I just sit and write, never planned.