Day 16:

It was the first real gloomy day for me in the Bay. Cold with a little rain here and there, I’m not sure how I’m going to react to this winter. I try to reach back into my memory database to those horrible winters spent/wasted in the cold-ass  middle of the country. It doesn’t help, I’m cold. However, instead of whining about it I took action. While at work I ventured out into the rain and hit a few golf balls. It felt amazing. I forget sometimes how talented I can be. They say that weather conditions make this game harder, I used to believe that. You really have to narrow your focus and relax. All your senses in your body are heightened. I actually hit a few balls with my eyes closed and let the rain wash over me, rinse my soul. I’m sure my swing is better amongst the clouds and gentle splashes on my face, inspiring. When I got home I went for a run, it was a bit chilly. I ran in shorts and tee-shirt, again, amazing. The cool damp air filled my lungs, my heart pounded and I could really feel life. This was “my” first day of winter and I loved it.