Day 3

Balance and alignment are keys to a happy life. I’m flabbergasted sometimes the similarities and parallels that run between this stupid game I play and the life I live. If I’m sad and slow one day, my swing breaks down easy and speed looks sluggish. If I’m too up and anxietious, my swing is fast and twitchy. Balance is not only standing on the balls of your feet. It’s keeping emotions even at the time of impact. Celebrate victories and be upset when you lose but when it comes time to perform, balance. Alignment, proper aim of the club and body will get you to the target. You must align your behaviors and practices with your goals and the place you want to go.

This last year, I missed a cut at a pro-am by one stroke. I thought to myself,” not fair, I did everything I could and still failed…” That statement could not be more false. I was not emotionally balanced when it came time to perform and  did not align my practice for this event. Being prepared is important. I don’t know where my next opportunity will come, but I will be prepared.

Today, I worked on balance and aim. At the end of the practice session, accuracy was right where I want to be. I couldn’t wait to get home and go to the gym. I worked on some upper body strengthening and conditioning. Prepare.