Day 2

Someone asked me why I was counting days. It helps me stay focused on the goal. What is the goal, you ask? Well, I’m trying to figure that out as well. Right now, it’s to do something to improve everyday. Today was a dreadfully slow day at work. Literally not a single customer even poked their head in the door, which is very unusual. So I took my break and went to the range. I’ve decided that for every practice session I should have a focus. A small goal to work on should keep me into what I’m doing at the moment. That’s what this is all about, being in the moment. Anyways, since I’ve arrived in Northern Cal I’ve had problems with my distance control. I played for so long in the desert, I’ve forgotten how to calculate yardage and conditions at sea-level. With some practice I’ve gotten quite a bit better at this but still have the occasional shot that just won’t go. I took my wedges to the range and just decided to focus on yardage from 100 and in. I hit about 60 balls, landing almost everyone with precision. This was a great sign, seeing as it was blowing pretty hard and wasn’t very warm. I let myself fall into a little zone and could feel the difference in 100 and 95 yards, combination of hands and soul. Every great moment has to come to an end. Back to work…

When I got home, I fed the cats, had some water and quickly changed my clothes for a light run. I must strengthen my lower body. “The legs feed the wolf…” I am motivated but if I sit down after work, it’s over. As I jogged, I thought of the last time my game was in really good shape, ten years ago, at least. Time is not slow.  That year I shot several low scores, 63, three times, two of which tieing course records. I wasn’t given many tournament opprotunities and could not pay for many on my own. Unfortunatley I was not very introspective and focused as I am now and never learned from and built on success or failure, mostly the later. I could still flat out play though, that year.  Where did that go? Is it still in me? What can I do this time to ensure it doesn’t leave? All questions I’ve asked before, but never with this clarity. I am in a great place, a happy place. I’ve had to learn many life lessons and have arrived at maturity a little later than most, some never get here. When I feel I am ready, I will find an event to play in. I already have a couple of ideas, but right now it’s all about the day-to-day. Improvement. Mind, Body and Game.