I wasn’t sure what to write about. The beginning of this has been without direction, no real cause. Here we go. I know what to use this for. For just over a decade I’ve had goals. I’ve tried to chase dreams. Unsuccessful by my own lack of direction and motivation. Outside forces and the “real world” have beaten me down. Strength comes from within. If your within is beaten up and self-confidence is low, I don’t care how skilled you are, success will evade. Enough inspirational speeches and motivational jargon, let’s move on.

I’m not going to write this blog to entertain. This will serve as inspiration and motivation for myself. I invite you along for my journey. Everyday I will reflect on what I did to improve myself; ,mind, body and game. I will occasionally look at the past, to learn from. Look to the future, for a better understanding of goals and where I want to be. Most importantly this will keep me in the present, where dreams become reality.

Day 1, October 17, 2011

This morning I woke and had one feeling. I felt overweight, out of shape and old. I sat in front of the t.v. while I made my list of daily tasks. I watched the Golf Channel, they replayed the last round of the PGA Tour from the weekend. I watched Ben Crane win in a playoff, he birdied 8 of his last 11 holes just to get into the playoff, amazing. I also made the observation, these guys are in great shape. You take a look at the guys on tour that have had recent success. Thin and strong dominates the fields these days. I added to my list of chores, run. I went for a jog, probably two miles or so. It was uncomfortable but I survived and got my heart pumping. I like running, it gives you time to think. It’s easy to find motivation in the outside world, a beautiful day. Getting home, I’m going to change over my laundry and head out for a while. My first stop will be The Bridges Golf Course, I plan on spending some serious time on the practice putting green today. Rolling and holing putt after putt, I allow myself to dream while practicing. It definitely is my sanctuary, a piece of heaven.

I look forward to sharing with you my quest. I have to work tomorrow but I will no longer use that as an excuse for holding me back. I will be journaling everyday to reminnd myself to stick with it and don’t give up.  I am great. It’s time to be great.