People of earth,

I don’t live the life that people are describing; the one that Mr. Steve Jobs has created. I guess I own an i-pod, but it was a gift and the i-tunes account that I got the music from isn’t even mine. My headphones are broken so I haven’t used it in months. Plus, I only listen to it when I work out and that hasn’t gone well lately. Truth is that technology and quality equipment costs serious money. I don’t make much. I’m told that I would do better financially if I had a degree. Maybe true, but wait… Steve Jobs was a drop-out, just like me. As a matter fact some of most successful people to ever walk the planet were not formally educated. The difference you could say is that these well-to-do souls are brilliant minds and the confines of University walls couldn’t hold their drive and imagination and I’m just me. An upstanding teacher once told me that I didn’t stand a chance in the real world because I failed to understand why learning and recalling facts about some ancient text could help me in my adult life (I get it now, but that’s a different topic). Some of the most innovative men and women in the universe are not educated and I can’t afford their products because I’m not educated. Is that ironic? I don’t really know, never nailed down the definition of irony. Laugh out loud.

I turn 35 this month. I’m happy. This is my first of hopefully many “blogs.” I’m not sure what my format will be or topics I will cover. I do know one thing, I am a brilliant uneducated soul and my Apple is out there somewhere.


Billy Grant